How A User Experience Designer Can Be A Great Ally?

A business, no matter how small it is, needs various allies to do well. One important ally is the user experience design. They can truly improve your product!

The demand for a user experience designer is getting higher. Why? Entrepreneurs eventually realized the importance of a UX designer to create digital products for the company. Among the most important ones are the websites, web apps and mobile apps. And take note, even the tangible products should undergo a UX designing process. The purpose of which is to assess if the products to be made available on the market will answer the needs and demands of the potential users.

Since a website is already a given important principle for various businesses to succeed, particularly those startups, we will focus our discussion on the applications that the UX designer will help create. Since the website application is, in a way, a part of the website, let’s really just focus on the mobile apps. I say that because the website application is only accessed through the website.

Let’s also make it clear that while the UX seems more important than the user interface as the user experience is more on the actual use of the application, let’s just be clear that both are actually equally important. More than that, the two are closely interlinked. User experience will not be good if the user interface doesn’t really provide a good outlet for people to experience the UX design.

In other words, if you are looking for a UX or UI company, you should really look for a holistic web design agency. This is a firm that employs all kinds of experts for the overall function of various digital products. According to Ramotion, “This is the main reason why companies like ours exist. We don’t want to provide financial burdens to our clienteles. Unlike if you’re going to hire the experts you need in a separate manner, for example, you’ll be hiring freelancers, a company that offers a holistic service package is more cost-efficient and effective.”

Importance of user experience designer in mobile apps

The mobile app is your direct link to your clients. Of course, the mobile app won’t work if you still haven’t developed a website or web app. The mobile app is the next step after launching a successful web app. When the time comes that traffic on the web app is very high, it’s time for you to create a mobile app. This way, your loyal clients won’t have to type in the website just to access the app. It’s also a great way to establish new clientele.
Many people enjoy the convenience of just tapping one button to reach where they want to be. There is actually a good rule of thumb for user experience designers, the fewer the clicks the better. What does this mean? The designer should make sure that users don’t have to click so many buttons just to be on the page they want. Many clicks could be confusing. A maximum of three clicks would be best.

You must have noticed how important the mobile apps are during the course of this present coronavirus pandemic—and by during, I mean, continuing. With weeks or months—depending on which country you are from—businesses were ordered closed. Some stores were allowed to operate as long as they were selling essentials. But then most businesses were compelled to stop or pause their operation because the virus continues to wreak havoc nowadays. Unless the needed vaccine will come out, this phenomenon will continue to cause financial turmoil in the different business industries.

However, despite grocery stores being open, there were still a lot of people who didn’t want to risk going out. The coronavirus is deadly among people with illnesses. That’s why it was safer to just stay at home. That’s when people became dependent on mobile applications. It’s just very convenient.

Here’s another example:

Netflix. The usage of Netflix increased during the pandemic. Since people were ordered to stay at home, many spent their time doing Netflix and chill. Netflix is actually a kind of application. It is a mobile app since you can download it on your phone. You can also watch Netflix on your television screen. Do you notice how easy it is to use Netflix? That’s when you know that the user experience designer did a good job. Not only is it very easy to use, it’s also quite attractive. You see the different images or posters of the movie.

Netflix also went beyond that. It allows you to make a list of the movies, series, and documentaries you want to watch. If you have started watching something that you can’t finish, then it will be in a list called “continue watching.” Admittedly, there are still many things that can be improved with the Netflix app, which is why the company and some of their technical people have turned to social media to ask what they want on the Netflix app.

One of the latest changes was that the app will now tell you what the top 10 most-watch films or series are in your region. It’s quite cool because you know which ones are worth watching—if many people watched it then it must be good. This tell us another important quality of a user experience designer:

Willing to learn and improve

The thing with technology is that it is ever-changing. There was a time when people had to go to the cinema to watch a new film. Now, a lot of them are immediately available on the app. Netflix, HBO and Amazon all have original films in their lineup. A UX designer should be willing to adapt to the changes. In fact, they could even make the change that other designers have to adapt to. Every UX designer should be on the lookout at what can be done better through technology.

Let’s look at Spotify, for example, it has definitely revolutionized how people listen and buy music. There was a time when people had to go to a store to buy a CD. You have to pay for the entire catalogue. But right now, with Spotify and other music apps, you can just buy the songs that you want. You have a choice. You don’t need to spend so much just because you enjoy one song from an artist’s album.

If people didn’t want to learn and improve, there wouldn’t be any technological revolution. The UX designer should have this attitude of wanting things to be more convenient for the users. Just one designer introducing an innovation could prompt a domino effect. The next designer will try to improve on that innovation and so on.

It’s like shopping. You can now show wherever you want through an app. You can shop while you’re at work or while you are relaxing at home. Now this is truly the test of a good UX design. If you have a great mobile app, you will get loyal customers and these loyal ones will tell their family and friends about your app. If your mobile app is not that good, then you won’t be gaining too many customers. Know that not a lot of businesses are unique nowadays. So if your app is terrible, people will just go to other apps.

This is why you need a UX designer—a great one at that—because you want people to invest on your mobile app. You want the potential customers to understand how great and useful your products are. Business success can only be achieved when there are more conversion rates to be generated. This is therefore quite essential to have the best UX designer today because this professional web solution provider can perform the right starting point for your business.

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